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    About HoldenArch

    HoldenArch is a full service Architectural design service providing complete architectural services including house, apartment and retail and commercial design services, as well as filing for approvals and permits and home inspections by licensed architects.

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    About Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern

    The Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern is a historic Museum that tells the history of Craft Beer and Whiskey here in NYC.The tours of the brewery help to enlighten patrons on the standard set to be the best Bar,Tavern and Restaurant in NYC.

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    About Homes For Sale By Owner

    PROMOTING REAL ESTATE FOR SALE BY OWNER ONLINE Th? ?u????? ?f a ?riv?t? ?r???rt? ??l? depends heavily on th? marketing ?tr?t?g? th?t ??u create. Consistent ?nd carefully ?l?nn?d m?rk?ting ?ff?rt? will deliver ?x??ll?nt r??ult?. Many private ?r???rt? ??ll?r? w?rr? b???u?? th?? l??k th? marketing background th?t r??l ??t?t? agents h?v?. Are ??u ??n??rn?d ?nd ???r?d of th? ????rtunit?? Th? good news i? th?t internet ?r?vid?? ?m?zing m?rk?ting ??ti?n? that are perfect even for people that have no m?rk?ting ?x??ri?n?? at ?ll. Int?rn?t m?rk?ting i? in?x??n?iv?, t?rg?t?d and very ?ffi?i?nt. H?r? is ?v?r?thing that ??u n??d to kn?w, in ?rd?r t? ?r?m?t? real estate f?r sale by owner online. C?m? U? with a M?rk?ting Str?t?g? Pr???rt? ?r?m?ti?n ??nn?t be ???r?di?, ?????i?ll? if you ?r? trying t? ??ll ?n ??ur own. B?f?r? d?ing ?n?thing ?l??, ?it d?wn ?nd ???nd some time on dr?fting ??ur ?riv?t? property ??l? m?rk?ting strategy. Wh?t is th? ?r?fil? ?f ??ur ??t?nti?l bu??r? D? ??u want to sell t? a local, a n?ti?n?l or an international bu??r? An?w?ring these qu??ti?n? will help you determine th? ????ifi?? ?f th? perfect r??l ??t?t? m?rk?ting campaign. U?? S??i?l Networks R??l ??t?t? f?r ??l? b? ?wn?r m?rk?ting ?h?uld be h??vil? dependent ?n ???i?l networking. St?rt by l?tting your fri?nd? ?nd th? ????l? that ??u ??mmuni??t? with ?nlin? th?t ??u ?r? ?b?ut to ??ll a h?u??. It i? ????ibl? f?r ??m? ?f these fri?nd? ?nd acquaintances t? ?h?w int?r??t in ?ur?h??ing your house. S??i?l networks lik? Facebook ?nd Twitt?r can ?l?? b? u??d t? drive tr?ffi? t? your ?nlin? ?r???rt? listing. Promoting your li?ting will h?l? ??u r???h a bigger group of people, whi?h in?r????? ??ur ?h?n??? of a qui?k ?riv?t? property sale ??m?l?ti?n. Choose th? Property Li?ting T?xt C?r?full? Th? t?xt ?f ??ur real estate listing should be descriptive ?nd ????ifi? enough. Ambigu?u? ?t?t?m?nt? and exaggerations will discourage potential buyers fr?m ??nt??ting ??u. C?m? up with an interesting ?nd ?tt?nti?n-gr?bbing h??dlin?. It ?h?uld provide information about the ?iz? of th? ?r???rt?, th? location and th? price. If th?r? is ??m?thing v?r? special ?nd int?r??ting ?b?ut th? house, ??u ?h?uld mention it in th? headline, ?? w?ll. The li?ting should ?r?vid? m?r? information about th? numb?r ?f rooms, th? numb?r ?f bedrooms, the numb?r ?f b?thr??m?, the d?t? ?f the l??t r?n?v?ti?n, th? ??nditi?n of th? kit?h?n ?nd it? ???li?n???, th? availability ?f a w?lk-in ?l???t, a garden, a garage and a swimming ???l. Avoid ?li?hé? in th? real ??t?t? room. W?rd? ?nd ?hr???? lik? ??l?ndid, ?h?rming, uniqu?, ????t??ul?r, ??z?, breathtaking, special ?nd mu?t-???, one of a kind ?nd m?d?rn ??? littl? ?nd th?? d?m?n?tr?t? a l??k ?f im?gin?ti?n. Instead ?f ???ing th?t the h?u?? h?? a m?d?rn living r??m, take some tim? to describe wh?t m?k?? th? living r??m ?? d??ir?bl?. U?? Ph?t? ?nd Vid?? A g??d ?riv?t? ?r???rt? sale marketing strategy should r?l? on professionally shot ?h?t?gr??h? ?nd vid?? ?li??. U?l??ding a vid?? ?n Y?uTub? can h?l? your real ??t?t? f?r sale b? ?wn?r m?rk?ting ??m??ign g? viral. Th? vid?? could ?r???nt th? int?ri?r ?nd th? ?xt?ri?r of the house. Alt?rn?tiv?l?, ??u ??n h?v? an ?wn?r t??tim?ni?l. U?? th? vid?? t? explain to potential buyers wh? the h?u?? i? ????i?l ?nd wh? it i? w?rth th? ?ur?h???. M?k? ?ur? th?t ??u h?v? a high qu?lit? photo gallery, ?? w?ll. Potential bu??r? will b? dr?wn to th? photographs. If th?? lik? wh?t th?? ???, th??? people will pay ?tt?nti?n to th? ?r???rt? li?ting'? t?xt. Th? photos ?h?uld ?r???nt sufficient information. Present the ?xt?ri?r, th? rooms ?nd some ?f th? most interesting details. Internet m?rk?ting i? th? ??rf??t opportunity f?r private property ??ll?r?. Use thi? ????rtunit? wi??l?. T?k? ??m? tim? t? do your h?m?w?rk. H?ving a ?tr?t?g? ?nd being ??n?i?t?nt in ??ur promotional efforts will soon deliver th? ?x???t?d r??ult?.

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    About Five Point Home Inspection

    If you are planning to buy a home in New York then you need a home inspector that will perform a detailed inspection of the home, co-op or condo before you purchase it. Five Point Home inspection is a detailed and organized assessment of the condition of residential property, this include the complete physical examination of Roofing System, Structure, Plumbing, Electronic, and Heating/Cooling System's. This includes complete physical examination of general integrity, functionality, and overall safety of a home and all its components. By this process we ensure home buyers know each and every perspective of home before purchasing it. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments of life. To reduce the possibility of unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, home buyers must know about the condition of the home, co-op or condo before purchasing. Five Point Home Inspection will identify the deficiencies that need attention, either immediate or in the future. You will receive a comprehensive report about the property, so that you can make the decision with confidence.

  • About Literati Group LLC

    All executives in our company have many years of construction or design experience. We have masters degrees in civil engineering, architecture, construction management from top US Universities and licensures in architecture and contracting. We are one of the few companies that will be able to give you the best prices, without cutting on essential items that less thoughtful contractors will tend to cut. We always have a schedule, and budget, and execute them.

  • About Flatiron Contracting Solutions


  • About Microecologies

    We are an industrial hygiene firm experienced in conducting mold inspections and clean-ups for residential clients and commercial clients, including apparel and jewelry manufacturers, auto repair shops, copier repair and print shops, retail stores, distribution centers, construction and renovation projects, arts and entertainment facilities, restaurants, health care facilities, offices, and schools. Our staff works closely with property managers, owners, architects, HVAC engineers, and construction contractors to prevent mold growth and improve indoor air quality in buildings. Additional DBA - Microecologies Inc. Additional email -

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    About The Bed Bug Inspectors

    We are a Bed Bug Inspection organization that employs the use of nationally trained canine teams as well some of New York City's top bed bug inspectors. Since 2009 we have performed over 6000 inspections for residential clients and have worked with the region's top pest control firms, hotels/motels, property management companies. We were New York's first independent NESDCA certified Bed Bug Dog Inspection Company and can offer you an unbiased assessment of your problem.

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    About Maypole Environmental Inspections

    Maypole Environmental Inspections guarantees a 48-hour turnaround from time of inspection. We also offer the convenience of check, credit card, and mobile on-site payment options.

  • About TWIG Consulting Engineers, P.C.

    PORTFOLIO We worked with some of the nation's best architects, interior designers, developers, property owners and contractors on a variety of businesses varying from non-profit to corporate to retail. Although our clients have ranged in size to include large corporations, our niche is helping small and medium sized clients discover... More info SERVICES ?You have an idea about where you want your business to go? Need some help getting there? We are the professional experts at helping our customers take their businesses to the next stage. We look forward to transforming your business and your dreams ... More info “Embracing energy saving technologies towards sustainable engineering solutions..." Our goal at TWIG is to provide effective, sustainable, engineering solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization. ? Our engineering consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success. ? Check out our custom engineering solutions and services. MISSION STATEMENT D.R. Wall, P.E.??? Learn more The Wall Consulting Group, Inc. ( T.W.I.G.®) is the parent company of our engineering firm, T.W.I.G.®Consulting Engineers,P.C., our special inspections branch, T.W.I.G.® Special Inspections Consultants, our sustainable design and consulting branch, T.W.I.G.® Sustainability & Energy Consultants and our CADD branch, T.W.I.G.® CADD Consultants.

  • About Bond Construction

    Bond Construction is a complete, full service, interior contractor specializing in remodeling and new construction of fine residential and commercial projects in New York City.

  • About Genco Resources Development

    Genco is a licensed general contractor which provide services in all construction trades, residential and commercial. Subs are licensed and are all professionals. Cost is determined by the job. No travel charges. No service fees. Free Estimates. Extra charge for after hours and emergency services. Genco is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and is Certified by the City of New York as a MBE Enterprise contractor, and by the EPA as a Lead Renovator. Genco has a 5% discount on work under $10,000.00, and 10% over over $10,000.00 Contact: Herman. Tel. (212) 995-8130, fax: (212)995-5737. Email: AWARDS: LUCY G. MOSES PRESERVATION AWARD from THE NEW YORK LANDMARKS CONSERVANCY. Note: Genco Resources Development is not an affiliate of (gencolee) and is not responsible for any of their actions.

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    ENGINEERING: Civil, Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical

  • About CLA Commercial Cleaning, LLC

    Headquartered in New York City, CLA Commercial Cleaning is one of the leading providers of commercial cleaning services throughout the New York area. We uphold our exceptional reputation in the cleaning business by taking pride in everything we do. A building's cleaning needs are as unique as the building itself. That's why at CLA, one size does not fit all -- we customize our business cleaning services to meet your specifications and budget.

  • About West Forest Capital

    We are a private lending company focused on the Tri-State area. We lend on all property types except owner occupied 1-4 families, unless they are in a LLC or Corporation. If you have clients who can't obtain traditional financing, we can help. We offer very competitive rates and can close quickly. Our mission is to provide alternative financing solutions for our clients while providing exceptional service. For more information please take a look at our website,

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